So, WTF is Hey Devo?

Hold your horses homie, and let’s take it to the bridge.

Video game journalism has always been an interest of mine. In 2005, I used to be the Previews Editor of CheatCC, and since then, I would always dabble in writing about the gaming industry in some fashion or another.

Then Twitch came along, and Let’s Plays on YouTube started blowing up. I always wanted to utilize my passion for entertaining people and combine that with video games. While streaming is the perfect way to achieve that goal, it’s just so damn time-consuming.

So I’m making a compromise. I’m combining my love for Star Wars and video games and combining my love to entertain and write. This means Hey Devo is a 4-way effort to play every single Star Wars video game while documenting my journey (with posts and GIFs) and finally reviewing each game as it’s concluded. I plan to structure my posts in a more commentary style, as though I am simply dictating my experience as I play. For shorter (earlier Star Wars games) I’ll have a single Progress Post and a Review Post. As the games start marching towards the modern era, I’ll be posting more Progress Posts capped off with a review.

I may add some audio and video where I can, but I think I’ll let the eventual community decide on how they want the content delivered.

It will be daunting, as there are a CRAP TON of Star Wars games.


I do have a goal for this site. Like I stated above, it’s not just about writing and video games, but I legitimately┬áseek to at least play every single Star Wars video game ever made. It will be a difficult challenge!

Certain consoles┬ámust be obtained, but I will emulate where I can. There are some games that are web-based or mobile games that have been canceled and are no longer available. With all that aside, there are over 135 Star Wars games that I have to go through – and that was at my last count just before Star Wars Battlefront (2015) came out!

So come one come all. Sit back, relax and be entertained. You can follow me on Twitter for any and all updates, or just keep visiting this site. I’m planning to post content each time I play a game and aiming for at least 3 times a week. We’ll see how consistent I can keep it, so help out and let me know what you think!