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While following NHL Free Agency 2017, I felt that the San Jose Sharks were making some, not so good, moves. Thus, I wanted a GIF from Jaws that showed the death of the Shark. In Jaws 2 – Jawsy gets electrocuted. With no awesome GIF on Giphy – I made my own. Meanwhile, in San […]

This is a more advanced version of my previous Top Corns GIF. Though, I messed up and didn’t make the GIF loop. Derp.

I’m a huge hockey fan, and the boys over at On The Bench have been making some amazing hockey content. This is from one of their videos where they’re offering some tips on breakaways.

I wanted to get some more practice in video editing, so I took the first trailer from The Last Jedi and cut out the small part featuring Kylo Ren and turned it into a gif. It came out pretty nice!

A while ago I wanted to do a blog series where I would document/comment on my experience playing every single Star Wars video game. Part of the blogging process was going to include animated gifs of certain parts of that experience. This is a test just to ensure I could capture the gameplay and make […]

This is the very first GIF I ever created. I love me some Teen Titans Go, and the episode where the Titans make Robin do the Booty Scooty just made me laugh so damn hard!